365 Days Until The First Tesla Model X Hits The Road

Model X, here we go!

After so many rumors and delays, Tesla Motors finally confirmed its Tesla Model X specifications as well as when the first Model X will be delivered.

According to the information on teslamotors.com/modelx, the first of Tesla’s SUV Model will come with “60 kWh”, “85 kWh” and “85 kWh Performance” options. Every Model X comes standard with Dual Motor All Wheel Drive and brilliantly functional Falcon Wing Doors. These doors fold up and out of the way allowing easy access to the third row seat, even from the narrowest of parking spaces.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt CES 2015, the Tesla Model X was shown at the Panasonic booth, proving a proud relationship between the two companies, in which the electronics giant will invest in the development of the Tesla Gigafactory.

“We have been working with Tesla for several years now to power their vehicles, and the next thing we’re working on is the Gigafactory so that we can produce these cells at a much lower cost and much higher volume to enable the next wave of future vehicles,” said Panasonic’s Chief Technology Officer Todd Rytting.

021012_tesla_model_x_suv_2Panasonic also presented its technology in designing the Falcon Wing doors, which is claimed as an act of true engineering given the complexity of the multi-pivoting hinges and lightweight, yet being able to assemble them smoothly and securely.

The delivery estimate for new reservations is early 2016 and TechDrive will definitely test drive. Keep calm TechDrive Fans, we are almost there!

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