NAIAS 2015| Mercedes-Maybach S600: What An Elegant Dream!

Unprecedented exclusively. Unlimited luxury.

Last November, we delivered news about the presentation of the S600 at the L.A Auto Show. And at Detroit 2015, Mercedes, once again, let people admire its highest-quality vehicle in the world, a new level of hand-crafted refinement, personalization and prestige: Mercedes-Maybach S600, a car for millionaires.

Inheriting the perfection of the S-Class and soaring to new heights, the car is 8.1 inches longer overall, with most of the added space dedicated to improving rear-seat passenger space. Inside the Mercedes-Maybach S600, unparalleled comfort and sophistication awaits throughout, highlighted by hand-stitched Nappa leather as the material of the interior — including the headliner, pillars and entire seats — with optional seat buttons, pillows and pillow stitching on the dashboard, the cabin gives a feeling that is much like what you might find in the front section of a modern transatlantic airliner. There is a leg-rest that pivots out, power-shades that cover the windows and a small desk rises from the center console. And believe me, you’re not in a car, but in your own private jet at the height of 30,000 feet because Mercedes features its Air-Balance system in the S600.


Mercedes-Maybach S 600 (X 222) 2014









What about champagne? As if you just quickly won a few million from the stock market, there is the silver-plated champagne flutes by Robbe & Berking, housed in their own dedicated armrest for you to celebrate with your partners. The rear cupholders, which glow blue when they’re cooling your Isabella’s Islay, and red when they’re warming your Kopi luwak coffee.


Or with the Burmester 3D audio system that has 24 speakers and a 1540 watt total output, Bach’s music will be played in the most beautiful and wonderful way. As if the night sky is seducing you, the seat behind the front passenger reclines to a near-flat-bed 133.5 degrees, allowing you to gaze through the Magic Sky Control panoramic roof — translucent or dark at the touch of a button — marvelling at your exceedingly good fortune.


2016_mercedes-maybach_s-class_48_1920x1080Powered by Mercedes’s 6.0-litre, 528-hp V12 engine, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 is claimed as the world’s quietest production saloon, and in normal driving the presence of that huge engine remains almost theoretical. It takes the car only 5 seconds to reach the speed of 62 MPH.

Coming in April 2015, the S600 will feature eight additional exclusive paint colors.  With a price of $252,000, it’s actually a good value!

As BMW introduced its Vision Future luxury Concept, in your opinion, which one is more elegant?

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