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Here Are the 5 Worst Car Accidents in Recent US History

Car wrecks are both devastating and captivating. They’re aweful, but you can’t look away. Take a look at some of the worst car accidents in recent US history.

We have all been there before, sitting in heavy traffic due to a major accident. The traffic is inching forward as you slowly move towards the crash. You can’t help but take a peek at the wreckage.

Each year, there are millions of car accidents across the United States. In fact, 37,000 Americans lose their lives in car crashes per year. Nearly 2.4 million people are injured or disabled as a result of a crash.

Read on to learn more about these devastating and captivating events. Explore the 5 worst car accidents in recent United States history.

1. Schoharie, New York

According to the best personal injury attorney the worst car accident in recent history belongs to a limo wreck in New York. Here, the limo driver barreled through a stop sign and crashed into a ravine.

A series of unfortunate events led to the deaths of 20 people, making this accident the worst in a decade. Perhaps most impactful was that none of the limo passengers were wearing a seatbelt.

In addition, the limo driver was not properly licensed and the vehicle itself failed a safety inspection. Hopefully, this tragic event leads to a new national law requiring seatbelts in limos.

2. Wilmer, Texas

In 2005, Hurricane Rita turned tragic for a group of 24 nursing home evacuees. Due to the storm, the Brighton Gardens nursing home was evacuated to Dallas.

However, tragedy struck when the bus got a flat tire a few hours away from Dallas. The bus started billowing smoke and emergency responders quickly started evacuating it. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the passengers were disabled and could not move independently.

Next, there was an explosion and the bus was engulfed in flames. Sadly, the first responders could not get everyone off the bus in time and the death count was massive. Top accident doctors were certainly called in to help the many survivors on the bus.

3. Randolph, New Hampshire

This past June, a devastating accident occurred in Randolph involving 10 motorcycles and a pickup truck. The accident was so catastrophic that Route 2 was closed for the entire night.

The end result was 7 dead and 3 others seriously injured. Witnesses observed a chaotic scene as motorcycle debris was spread out over a massive area.

4. Portland, Maine

Many of the most tragic car accidents happen at excessive speeds. In 2002, an SUV in Maine crashed going over 100 miles per hour.

The vehicle lost control went airborne, and ultimately crashed into a tree. All seven of the vehicle’s passengers were killed, including four children.

5. Augusta, Maine

Many drivers get anxiety traveling over a bridge. Back in 2002, a van plunged off a one-lane, wooden bridge in Augusta.

The end result was 14 deaths due to the impact and subsequent drowning. The accident site was a few hours away from the nearest paved road, so there weren’t any witnesses.

A Recap of the Worst Car Accidents

Car accidents are so tragic, but hard to look away from the wreckage when driving by. You pray for the passengers’ safety but wonder how anyone can survive the damage.

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