Kenguru: A Genius Car For Drivers On Wheelchairs

See the person, not the wheelchair.

So many developments are being made for those in wheelchairs, visit to see how wheelchair lifts are now a much better option than the traditional ramp, and if you travel to UK today, don’t be surprised to witness disabled people driving around the town thanks to the first-ever electrically powered vehicle designed specifically for wheelchair users.


Keep calm, it’s only a wheelchair!

Stacy Zoerm has been in a wheelchair for her whole life. After obtaining her law degree from The University of Texas, Stacy became increasingly frustrated by feeling confined to expensive city living. Relying on a wheelchair for mobility means she had to be close enough to work. And it’s somehow impossible!

It’s not just Stacy who has to rely on finding different ways to get around, and it can make it a lot harder when you are confined to a wheelchair. When it comes to getting from place to place, mobility cars similar to the ones that you can find @ Brook Miller Mobility should be able to help you keep your independence. But when these types of services aren’t available to you, it can soon take a toll.

Not giving up, Stacy began researching, and came across the Kenguru concept, a little electric wheelchair-friendly vehicle conceived by a man in Budapest but had fallen through funding. Seeing potential, Stacy convinced him to move his operations to Texas.

“Getting a startup off the ground is the most difficult thing you can do. There’s one obstacle after another, and so much personal financial risk. But every single day, I get emails from people who visit our website and say “This is going to change my life. Thank you.” That lightens my load. It’s a reminder of why I’m doing this,” said Stacy. and with her marketing skills, the Kenguru concept raised $4 million from investors, and soon to be rolling off factory lines.


kenguru-0The Kenguru car is a brilliant idea since it allows the person to drive it directly from a wheelchair. Access is via the rear-opening tailgate and steering is by motorbike-style handlebars. Because of its weight, the Kenguru is classified as a scooter, and therefore, only a scooter driver’s license is required to drive it. Max speed is 45 MPH, and you can travel 30 miles on a single charge.

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