TowGo- Now You Can Back Up Your Trailer Like A Pro

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Two sensors and a smartphone app are all you need to be backing up with your trailer like a pro.
Towing traditionally has been a major source of stress for truck owners, especially in reverse. Millions of campers and fishermen have horror stories about trying to back up a trailer or a boat. TowGo solves the problem. Never again will you have to endure the frustration or embarrassment of trying to backup your trailer over and over again to get your trailer in the right spot. What is even better you can now add an aluminum storage box for trailer and not worry about backing it into something! Furthermore, TowGo is discreet so no one has to know you’re using it. The system consists of two discreet sensors placed on a hitch and a steering wheel, and a free App for a smartphone or tablet. Have you ever experience to be stuck in the middle of the road and need an immediate roadside assistance? Guincho rápido the best towing service, will give you the fastest assistance!
Are you one of those who thinks you should be able to backup a trailer without assistance? Nope, it’s not possible, so keep this in mind when buying one of the h and h trailers for sale! If you don’t know how to adjust the choke on your car on a cold morning, you shouldn’t be driving. Today, automotive technology has pushed that choke thing so far into the past that many people have never even heard of it. Towing, and in particular backing up with your trailer, is no different. TowGo wants to make backing up with a trailer easier for everyone.
The technology continuously measures the hitch angle of a trailer and the steering of the vehicle to calculate where the vehicle and trailer will become lined up. Your smartphone’s screen shows the trailer’s current  location and where it will end up based on different positions of the steering wheel. It also warns a driver about possible jackknifing. The system’s parts communicate wirelessly, using Bluetooth 4.0. All the driver has to do is turn the steering wheel until a “where it will end up” picture on the screen shows a desired resulting position for the trailer.
The innovations offered by major car manufacturers in their new models are beyond the reach of the majority of the population. TowGo offers an affordable solution which anyone can use on their existing cars and trailers. They just launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday, offering the backers an opportunity to pre-order the system starting at $199.
This system is the long needed fix to the frustrations of backing up trailers. With TowGo, anyone can now back up a trailer. Now, you can Tell Your Trailer Where To Go.
Many people are familiar with how difficult it is to back up with a trailer. Many of them know that the shorter the trailer, the harder it is to back up. TowGo works with the shortest of trailers for heavy duty towing. Here is a demonstration of TowGo backing up with a less than 6 foot long log-splitter: