3 Upgrades to Install if You Want to Unlock Your Dirt Bike’s Full Potential

Dirt bike ownership is not for the faint of heart. Dirt bikes can certainly be a lot of fun to ride, but they’re also inherently dangerous. Still, a certain kind of individual will always be attracted to them. The thrill you get when you ride one might be more than enough to offset the danger for the many thrill seekers out there.

If you are interested in Honda Powersports, Orem, Utah, is where you can find some of the best models around. Honda is a well-known name in this industry, and buying the dirt bike of your dreams virtually guarantees some fun times ahead. 

There are some ways you might want to upgrade your dirt bike after you buy it. Some key aftermarket additions may be just what you need to truly get the most potential out of your base model. We’ll talk about three of the most desirable dirt bike upgrades you can make right now.

Suspension Systems

New suspension parts can give your dirt bike a competitive advantage in racing. Your dirt bike will already come with a suspension system, but it’s a basic one. There are several parts that go into the functioning whole. 

If you’re looking for a more balanced ride, talk to an expert about a suspension upgrade. In particular, you will want to look at the linkage, the shocks, the fork seals, and the triple clamps. Getting better versions of each of those should give you a smoother ride when you’re trying for higher speeds. 

Fuel Tuners

Your dirt bike’s fuel tuners have to do with its air-to-fuel ratio. This must be perfect if you’re going to get optimal performance from this precision machine. 

The intake of fuel into the engine must offset the intake of air in the proper proportion. You should already get that with the fuel tuners that come with your dirt bike, but you can also upgrade them. 

If you install upgraded fuel tuners, you can experiment with them at low speeds before you try them at higher ones. This ultimately has more to do with fuel efficiency than performance, but that should be just as big of a focus for you if you’re going to be serious about riding dirt bikes as a hobby. 

Clutch Kits

Your dirt bike can also benefit from the purchase and implementation of a clutch kit. This is a way to target your bike’s acceleration potential. If you’re racing or you’re trying to create a more satisfying riding experience, this is never an area that you can neglect.

The right clutch kit will give you better power transmission as you’re accelerating from lower to higher speeds. You want this part of the ride to be smooth. With the proper clutch kit working for you, you won’t experience jerks or rough patches when you’re trying for that extra crucial burst of speed.

Consider getting all of these upgrades if you’re getting more serious as a dirt bike rider. Otherwise, competitors will leave you in the dust.