A lab worker disconnects from a charger a mobile phone at headquarters of StoreDot in Tel Aviv

CES 2015| New Technology Could Charge Your Phone In 3 Seconds & Your Electric Car In 3 Minutes

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” — Arthur C. Clarke

For most of the time that humans have inhabited the Earth, the climate has been gradually changing. In recent decades, the scientists have started to take seriously the impact of human actions on the planet in a broader sense. Pollution of the air, land and water come from a variety of sources and continues to be a major issue for countries. The most impactful activity that has been seriously affecting to the climate is energy exploitation.

“We will not stop until every car on the road is electric.” — Elon Musk. For those who still doubt about having an electric car, this breakthrough technology will change your mind.

A Tel Aviv-based startup announced it will be delivering battery charging technology that allows electric cars to be powered up in three minutes. The technology will be ready to showcase as early as the 2016 CES Show.

StoreDot_flash_batt_592122a maxresdefault“The new technology allows us to charge very fast, moving ions from an anode to a cathode at a speed that was not possible before we had these materials. We are just starting work on electric vehicles. We intend to show in one year a model of a car that can charge in three minutes,” said Doran Myersdorf, Chief Executive of Storedot.

At CES 2015, Storedot presented a prototype that was made to boost charging a Samsung Galaxy S4. The super fast charger features biological semiconductors that could have been designed through software similar to Upverter made from naturally occurring organic compounds known as peptides — short chains of amino acids — which are the building blocks of proteins. It has the size of a laptop charger, and the size will probably be reduced in the next iterations.


phone_2877437b“We are 100 percent sure we can deliver, because the knowhow of how you take one and combine thousands of them together has already been done,” confirmed Myersdorf.

Although the company has a lot of work to make the idea a reality on electric cars, this technology would be a game-changer for the plug-in electric car industry. We will keep in touch with Storedot for its upcoming achievement.

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