5 Essential Productivity Hacks for Mac Users

Macs are powerful machines, yet most users do not utilize it to the fullest capacity. Many people use their Macs daily and don’t fully understand how to use them – sometimes people are unsure on the simplest features. Apple computer classes for seniors, and for younger people, are designed to educate Mac users on what these systems can do and to familiarise them with the computer’s features. There are lots of things about Macs which make them great for having fun – software like Adobe Fuse CC (you can find the download for adobe fuse cc on is a great tool for some people and also great for having a play. But they also have their serious uses. When using them more professionally, did you know that you can do more in less time, which could save on your valuable time? Yes, some useful hacks will help you increase your productivity as a Mac user. Let us look at some you can use.

Use Alfred

Do you want to spend less time while searching for websites and applications that you use over and over? Well, there is a solution to that. Alfred is an application that will enable you to control your Mac by executing custom action without moving your hands off the keyboard to reach out for your trackpad or mouse. After launching Alfred, you can open apps and files by typing the first two letters. The apps also enable you to search webs by the use of custom or default keywords. Also, by using workflows, you can connect some of your best Mac apps and launch several tasks at a go at the click of a command or hotkey. Moreover, Alfred offers word extension so that you do not have to type the same word over and over. With the app, you can preview your document’s content using shift keys without opening it.

Use shortcuts

Shortcuts help save time by making your work easier, faster, and smoother. In Mac, not only are their pre-programmed shortcuts but also the system allows you to create new ones tailored to meet your specific needs. If you want to create a shortcut in your Mac, click on the Apple menu, then system preferences, click keyboard, and then shortcuts. Click on the + sign to add a shortcut and the drop-down list, choose the application where you want to apply the shortcut. Then, type in the name of the menu command. Press the key combination that you would like to use as the keyboard shortcut, then click Add to finish up.

Clean up your Mac

Have you had your Mac for a while and now feel like it is not efficient as it used to be? This could be a result of junk files building up. Over time Mac accumulates application leftovers, temporary files, system cache, files duplicates, old files, and unused applications. This system junk takes a lot of your storage space plus it will slow down your Mac. You can check this excellent guide that covers cleanup instructions to help keep your Mac running smoothly. You can use a cleaner app to delete your old files, clear cache, and system junk, etc. This will not only create more space in your Mac but also speed it up, thus increasing your productivity.

Find your screenshots faster

By default, Mac saves screenshots on your desktop. If you have several screenshots on the desktop, finding a particular one can be stressful. The trick to finding your screenshot a little faster is changing the default screenshot location. For example, you can choose that they are saved in the Downloads folder. In this case, you will locate your screenshot faster as you only need to view your latest files in the downloads from the folder in the toolbar.

Use Siri

By now, you might know that you can talk to your Mac and have it do some work for you. Yes, you can use Siri, an application in Mac, to make your job easier and faster. Click on the Siri button and direct the app on what to do. You need to start with, ‘Hey Siri,’ followed by the command. For example, “Hey Siri, Open downloads” and it will do that for you!

Wrap up

These are just a few hacks that can help you boost your productivity as a make user. Put them into action and explore many other cool ways to save you more time and improve your productivity on Mac.