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Serhan Perincek, Co-Founder | CEO

Dodging in and out of Istanbul’s infamously difficult traffic gave Serhan his passion for speed. His first American car was a Chevy Camaro and then ‘Black Beauty’ his souped up BMW M3. Whilst he and Hermione were courting they would drag race their cars home over the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Combining their mutual love for cars and technology they came up with the idea for TechDrive. 

Dream car | Porsche 911 GT3 with iPhone controlled fire extinguisher

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Hermione Way, Co-Founder | EditorScreen Shot 2014-06-07 at 10.21.11 AM

Hermione is an new media journalist, entrepreneur and TV personality. In 2008 she started a blog that become a video partner of TechCrunch Europe and then went on to become the Silicon Valley Video Director for The Next Web and star in Bravo’s Startups Silicon Valley.

Her father taught her to drive at the age of nine in a stick shift BMW in a disused airport and since then she has had a passion for driving everywhere as fast as she could.

Dream Car | Being British it would have to be a vintage Aston Martin, controlled via her iPhone obviously! 

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Collete Davis, Co-Founder | Editor

Collete Davis is one of the only females in the world in development for the INDYCAR series.  Since starting college for Mechanical engineering at 16, she’s been on the fast track to the top — a championship her first year in racing, wins in numerous types of cars, setting track records, making her pro debut in Motorsports at 18, and being selected to represent Team USA on an international F1 training platform. Her presence in Silicon Valley was launched after graduating VC’s Tim Draper’s, Draper University, where she transformed her racing career into a company. 

Collete is a Co-Founder of OCTANE (Coming in 2014), a brand new platform harnessing the power of the racing industry by combining digital media content with social conversation. 

Dream car | McLaren P1 – Green tech + F1 tech + Insane power + sexy design — Auto innovation at it’s finest! 
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Kym McNicholas, Host | Editor

Director of the Extreme Tech Challenge with Richard Branson and EMMY AWARD-WINNING Anchor/Reporter/Producer/Entrepreneur with 18 years of on-camera experience on national television and online, Kym has helped revolutionize the world of online video journalism. Her passion for cars started when she was a reporter for Comcast Sports ‘Zero to Sixty’ show and became the first female sports director/anchor/reporter in the Bay area for Sonoma Raceway with her own auto racing show at KFTY.  She was also awarded the Governor’s medallion for extraordinary service to the broadcast industry and has a covered everything from local news to meteorology, sports and business with a focus on tech while at Forbes.

Kym is the Founder/Chairman of Kymerview.

Dream Car | 2015 Jaguar  F-type: the luxury feel with sports car performance — what more could you want!

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Ajay Juneja, EditorScreen Shot 2014-06-07 at 10.21.29 AM

A self confessed ‘car nut’ Ajay brings the tech to TechDrive.  Based off a decade of research at Carnegie Mellon University funded by DARPA and Bosch he founded Speak With Me, a Silicon Valley based startup that now builds speech recognition technology for cars and other devices.

Because we are car nuts at Speak With Me – we took a client-centric approach to speech recognition, and made a platform to build virtual-assistants that is 100 times faster than Siri and battle tested on the racetrack. We can’t say yet what cars Speak With Me will be in, but we can guarantee you’re going to feel like David Hasselhoff when you drive one.

Dream car | Ferrari F40 – raw, fast, a great way to enjoy a journey.

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Marla Fong, Editor & Contributor Manager

Marla is a native San Franciscan who loves to eat and travel. In 1996, she took her first trip to Beijing to train in Chinese martial arts (Wushu/Taiji), and there began her love for China. She went back to Beijing many times after that to train, and continued to learn about the culture and language. After she finished college, she decided to study abroad at Beijing University to enroll in their one year Chinese program. Once the program was over, Marla decided to stay and work in China, and lived in Beijing for three years. When Marla is not traveling, she enjoys writing poetry, and practicing bikram yoga.

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James McQuillan, Editor 

James works as a Content Writer, reporting on the latest developments from Investments, Technology, Blockchain and International Developments. He carries a particular fascination with how Blockchain is used and its effects on business and everyday life.

In his spare time, James lends his writing abilities to start-up and established companies on a freelance basis.

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TechDrive is FIA Accredited Media Partner of Formula-e Championship

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*TechDrive’s Emmy Award winning reporter with Sir Richard Branson at the Formula-e Championship Miami 2015

TechDrive is fast becoming the TechCrunch of car innovation.” — Ben Way, Freetricity

TechDrive is TopGear 2.0 for GenY” — Robert LochInternetPeople

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