4 Personality Traits of a BMW Driver

There are certain marques of cars that act as a magnet to drivers who want and expect certain features and standards from the badge that they are most attracted to.

If you are searching used BMW Phoenix, for instance, you will probably have the typical profile of someone who is drawn to what this prestigious German car maker has to offer.

What does a typical BMW driver look like and what sort of personality traits are they likely to display?

Here are some of the main personality traits that are often shared by those that are drawn to the BMW badge and love what the carmaker’s range of models has to offer.

The age and occupation of a typical BMW owner

It is interesting to see what a typical BMW driver looks like using demographic data collated on existing owners.

Although you will always find examples of people driving a BMW that do not fit the typical profile it is likely that a typical owner of this make of car will be a male who is in his 40s or 50s. 

The average BMW owner is usually aged between 40 and 59. They will often earn a living working in business and finance or consulting services.

Their political views are likely to be more slanted toward the right. That’s quite a lot of information to start with and demonstrates the level of data that is available to be able to nail the profile of a typical BMW owner.

A certain type of lifestyle

Drilling deeper into the data reveals some interesting insights into the lifestyle of a typical BMW driver.

As you might expect considering the looks and performance of a BMW, the archetypal owner is highly likely to be interested in all sorts of motorsports and motoring topics, in general.

The stereotypical owner of a BMW will enjoy dining out regularly and takes pride in keeping their house looking good and well maintained.

If you are partial to a quality steak or enjoy mussels and scallops, it is highly likely that you might be the owner of a BMW car.

What sort of personality does a BMW driver have?

A classic BMW driver is someone who appreciates quality and is often prepared to pay a premium to get what they want.

A confident leader with a strong will would often describe the personality of a typical BMW owner.

A BMW driver will always have favorite brands

Not surprisingly, considering they have chosen to own a BMW, a typical owner will have some clear preferences for other brands that they are loyal to as well.

Apple products tend to feature prominently amongst stereotypical BMW owners, and top home appliance brands such as Bosch are also very popular.

All of these fascinating insights into what a typical BMW owner looks like tend to confirm what you might already believe about the reasons why certain types of people are attracted to the finer things in life.

Whether you match the typical profile or not, it is not hard to see why discerning people are drawn to the BMW badge.