Tech-From-Future| Want To Chat With Your Future Self? This Site Can Help

Dear Past, thank you for all the lessons. Dear Future, I’m now ready.

Have you ever been curious about your future self? What will it be like in 20 years? How will you be in future?

A new website called Future Self was created to give you pieces of information about your own future. Are you ready?

Okay, let’s start with uploading a photo of yourself. By using a complicated combination of motion capture software and speech recognition, the site will create an interactive 3D model of how you might look and sound in the next two decades. More importantly, it lets you talk with your future self about the future. You can ask your future self any question, and the answers will definitely surprise you. When I asked my future self: “Will TechDrive be successful by 2035?”, the answer was: “Definitely! And you will have a new habit: writing articles in your self-driving car!” Interesting right?

The site was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Orange, a European telecom company. “We wanted to do something fun, and digital, and not focused on the past. It’s not crazy innovation — this is not yourself traveling in space and discovering the moon—it’s really focusing on potential innovation and on what the future could be,” said Anne Imbert, from Orange’s global brand team.

Although we usually say the future is a mystery, this campaign is somewhat inspirational and will give you more ideas about what you could contribute to the future. And yet, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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