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collete davis, FHSN Magazine

It’s finally here!!

I *temporarily* traded in the fire suit for some extraordinary high fashion get-ups in the SUMMER 2014 issue of FSHN Magazine!

Check out the full issue with the 10page cover story, HERE. 

I had an incredible time working with the entire FSHN team and can’t thank them enough!

While working with the FSHN team, I spent a lot of time with Elisabeth Thieriot (Publisher & Chairman) and you are not going to believe this woman!  She’s absolutely inspiring.  Fluent in five languages and with her many roles as a tech entrepreneur, fashion icon, film maker, philanthropist, author and more, she wears more hats today than many of us aspire to in a lifetime. Elisabeth is a force of nature who I’m grateful to know, and if that weren’t enough, get this, she races cars!

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In addition to running FHSN Magazine and her lifestyle company, she recently released a book, has an upcoming documentary, is launching a new skincare line  and stays actively involved in numerous global philanthropic foundations. 

What. A. Powerhouse. 

Big thanks to Elisabeth and FSHN Magazine.