NAIAS 2015| Jaguar Wants To Feature Touch-To-Control Technology Onto Its Future Car Windows

Too many buttons, too complicated!

It’s time to help drivers get rid of as many buttons as possible. At the Detroit Auto Show 2015, Jaguar said that the company is working on side windows that will help whir up and down without pushing a button, but by touching the glass.

Sharing about this new innovation, Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum said: “For instance, if you want to pull the windows down, you touch a certain area of the glass and you can actually just drop them down. These things are all a work-in-progress at the moment. That’s coming.”

It sounds cool! Although there are no details about when we might see it deployed in a Jaguar car, Callum confirmed that they certainly know how to do it.

What about the action to pull the window up? I will follow Jaguar for more information.

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