Why Passengers Love Flying With JetBlue

JetBlue Airways Corporation – often stylized as jetBlue – is an American low-cost airline, which was incorporated in Delaware in August of 1998. David Neeleman founded the company in February of 1999 under the name “NewAir”. Several of JetBlue’s executives, including Neeleman, are Southwest Airlines’ Former Employees. JetBlue started by following Southwest’s approach of offering low-cost travel, but sought to distinguish itself by its amenities such as in-flight entertainment, TV at every seat and Sirius satellite radio. In Neeleman’s words, JetBlue looks “to bring humanity back to air travel.”

The company is headquartered in the Long Island City, neighborhood of the New York City borough of Queens. Its hub is based in the JFK International Airport. On February 11th, 2000, JetBlue made its first flight ever, taking off from New York City to Ft. Lauderdale. Today, it makes 700 trips per day to 70 cities all over the world.

JETBLUE TURNS FIVE; TAKES DELIVERY OF 71ST AIRBUS A320What makes JetBlue different from other US based airlines? Because it professes to provide a different experience than most US airlines. It’s all about in the attitude of the customer-facing employee. Somehow, the management of JetBlue has figured out how to build a positive, friendly, respectful way of interacting with customers into the DNA of their company. They hire for it, train to it, and reward it.

There are many great things that you can enjoy flying with JetBlue. It provides free snacks. Not just peanuts and pretzels, there are basket offered that contains at least 7 choices of small snacks. To top it all off, JetBlue offers satellite television and an abbreviated version of XM radio. Although they do charge for a set of headphones, it’s still way greater than many other U.S Airlines.

JetBlue Opens Its New Terminal 5 at JFK Airport

This motion graphic video gives you some fun facts about JetBlue:

What would you have to do in your own company to make it more likely that your customers are treated the way you want them to be treated? Share your comments with us.



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