Breathtaking Ride Of A Street-Demon

“Welcome to the digital hangar of Stealth Electric Bike, a window into our Australian facility where we handcraft some of the finest e-bikes on earth. With military precision, our engineering team fuses together a premium parts arsenal with a motor-style, all-terrain frame design, ensuring every Stealth model is capable of dominating any trail the planet can throw at it.” – Stealth Electric Bikes Team

Stealth, an electric bike startup, is an apt name for generations that are forging new pathways to transit. With a dedicated purpose in mind and bespoke technology capable of delivering bombproof performance and unparalleled durability, these budding generations exercise technological progress that leave baby boomers longing to keep up.

Watch and experience this “Stealth Bomber Electric Bike” as it cruises stealthily in the way groovy bicycles weave. This one is reportedly at the top of the list for those who appreciate well-made electric bikes with purpose-built frames. from aircraft-certified Cr-Mo alloys, the one-piece monocoque frame displays exceptional torsional rigidity under the most extreme loading conditions. The new and improved battery fastening system allows for easy battery changeovers for those who want to extend their ride. The lightweight yet ultra-stiff Cr-Mo swing arm incorporates built-in torque arms and adjustable wheelbase.

The Bomber has 4.5 kW of electrical output making it capable of reaching speeds of up to 50 MPH. Shifting gears is made easy with its smooth, 9-speed transmission, integrating pedal power to increase acceleration. Featuring powerful hydraulic disc brakes that stop in an instant, the Bomber is able to push the rider to their limits while still staying on control. Bike charge time is 2 hours. For further monitoring, the stealth features a Cycle Analyst – a reliable battery monitoring system made by electric bike manufacturer The Bomber has the Cycle Analyst built into the frame rather than the standard mounting of the unit on the handlebars. A nice touch!

Once on the ground, the Stealth Bomber at least appears visually like a bicycle. Its lines are smooth. There is no sign of unsightly wiring. It doesn’t look at first glance like an electric bike. The motor is hidden in the rear hub, so if you were looking for a motor it would be hard to find unless you were familiar with the idea of a hub motor.

As of this writing, the Stealth Bomber cost $10,000 – $14,000 plus shipping depending on what options you select.

The Stealth Bomber is definitely among the highest quality, fastest e-bikes offered as a turnkey ready to ride a machine. It’s fast, agile, quiet, long range and cool looking. What’s not to like? Share your comments with us.



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