Chevrolet Designed A Box That Lets You Cool Down Your Smartphone Right In The Car

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Have you ever noticed that after heavy use of your smartphone, its battery temperature is around 95 degrees, and the CPU is around the same? Some of my prior phones were actually able to reach 110 degrees. Sometimes, it’s so hot that I thought I could make an omelet right on it!

But soon it won’t be a problem any more, at least for those who have Chevrolet cars. The company just introduced an “Active Phone Cooling” box in its next-generation cars. This is a sort of air conditioner for your phone that will prevent it from overheating when you’re using it for high-power-requirement tasks, such as getting livestream directions from online maps, or playing songs on Apple Music. “Innovation doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel. Sometimes simplicity offers the most elegant solution to a problem,” said Impala engineer Dan Lascu.

It’s all too easy to damage the air conditioning hoses unnecessarily. From leaving the lights on overnight to switching the air conditioner on when the car’s turned off. All sorts of poor practices can negatively impact the AC.

So, this innovation shows a thorough thought of Chevrolet in giving the convenience to customers during their driving since “no other automotive manufacturer offers a similar solution for in-vehicle smartphone cooling”. This little compartment and technology will be available first in 2016 Chevrolet Impala, Malibu, Volt and Cruze models, and it comes with both wireless charging and the Chevrolet MyLink.

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