Comcast wants to Win You Back from Netflix with it’s Own Streaming

Comcast has decided to enter the world of streaming to fight fire with the fire of Netflix, HBO GO, and Hulu. For $15 dollars more than your basic Xfinity internet bill, you can be streaming tv services to your list of devices. You’ll never miss any of your favorite shows again. The stream will be a list of programs you can watch over your wifi network, whenever you want. The Beta is set to launch early September in Boston and should be reaching Chicago and Seattle by the end of the year, with the rest of the U.S. aimed for the beginning of 2016. Not all streaming services have exactly what the watcher wants, they don’t want to be paying multiple per month subscriptions so they can watch the TV shows/films that they are into, luckily there is an alternative way so they are not stuck. Looking into resources such as Piratebay proxy can assist those in watching their favorite media without the worry of paying out a lot per month, they can stick to one streaming service if needs be.

The service is reportedly only going to be stream-able from inside your house, but you will have access to multiple stations, on-demand movies and if you’re also a subscriber to the cable service, you’ll get access to certain live channels away from home. If you want to up upgrade your cable package then you use a company like infinity dish to access hundreds of channels.

Stream is Comcast’s inevitable shift towards the cord-cutters who they’ve lost in the fight against the internet. Sling TV is another company that provides access to networks via streaming services. The difference is that Sling gives you access to prime time channels like ESPN, but Stream only allows access to HBO.

Do you think that Stream will be able to compete with Netflix, Sling TV and HBO Go? And the list doesn’t end there. Do you think it will be able to compete with Hulu in Canada (and Hulu in other countries) and Amazon Prime? There is a long list of competitors for the streaming service. Although Stream is essentially what we’ve been waiting for from Comcast, it begs to question, whether we want to add another streaming service to our stack of already established streaming services. Apple is still reportedly working on it’s own service to include stream able television, and we’ll have to wait and see if it makes an impact.


Source | The Verge/ Comcast