This Chevy Self-Driving Concept Car Will Blow Your Mind


Chevrolet celebrated its 10th anniversary in China by unveiling an over-the-top concept car that promises terrific driving performance—unless you’d rather let it drive itself.

This car is crazy looking. Thought that Mercedes’ F 015 self-driving car was futuristic? Chevy kicked off this week’s Auto Shanghai 2015 car show with the debut of its Chevrolet-FNR autonomous electric concept vehicle.

With the aim to create a unique, intelligent vehicle for the next generation of young consumers, Chevy’s engineering, design, and electrification teams drew on past experiences developing electric concept cars. The result is a sleek, aerodynamic machine that looks more like something Speed Racer would drive in Tron than anything currently on international roadways. With a bit of luck, you’ll be seeing this beauty at Chevrolet Dealerships all over the country in a few years time.

On the inside, it’s touting magnetic hubless wheel electric motors, wireless charging, swiveling front seats and eye recognition to verify the owner. As with most out-there concepts, the chances of driving what you see here are slim to none.

Chevy teased intelligent technologies that are “usually seen only in science fiction movies,” including Chevy Intelligent Assistant and iris-recognition start. Perhaps the most exciting feature, though, are the sensors and roof-mounted radar that enable the car to map its environment and drive itself.

Supposedly passengers can still drive if they want to, through gesture control. How that would work is an open question, but allowing person behind the wheel to take control is SOP for every robo-car currently being built, proposed, or imagined by an automaker.



Source: Engadget