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An Easy Drone Kit For Learning Robotics This Summer

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The bliss of being young and innocent: we daydreamed without pain, without fear, without loss.

Tanishq Abraham is a special 11-year-old boy. He graduated from high school at the age of 10 and has been taking classes at American River College in Sacramento, California since he was 7 years old. He has now earned three community college degrees and is applying to Stanford or a University of California (UC).

When you’re young, learning is easy

A friend of mine has a 5 year-old daughter, and that little girl can read fluently since she was 4. She even remembers all the stories that her mom has told her every night, and she loves books. Evidently, when you’re young, learning is easy. You’re open to new ideas, and get excited about challenging yourself. You also have more time, and everyone around you is encouraging you to take on new skills. The brain is like any other muscle; you exercise it to make it strong. And there are a variety of ways to do this.

Eedu – An easy educational drone kit for learning robotics

Skyworks Aerial System, a team of developers, engineers, designers and marketers who are passionate about bringing down the barrier to robotic technologies for everyone and building an autonomous future together, has just introduced Eedu — an easy-to-use drone kit. It’s a hardware and software platform that enables young inventors who want to create new drone applications.

Eedu-drone-4Using the included tools, kids can quickly assemble Eedu drones within a few minutes, since drones are really popular now a days, since you can even install cameras in quality drones to send them to watch whatever you want to watch and is only drone accessible. It’s compatible with Arduino shields and other open-source hardware. Once put together, Eedu is ready to be synced to Forge, the software part of the kit that runs on your web browser in the cloud. It brings together the best of ground control, community interaction, and code development. It will even teach you how to code, and best of all, it’s all open-source, so anyone can contribute.


How it works:

    1. Assemble Eedu – All you need is a wrench!


     2. Code – Use the midi module to read midi music files.

– Read each instruction from the file and add a move relative to that instruction in

the Z axis.

– Tell Eedu to take off, do the mission, and land!


      3. Fly – Watch Eedu dance a sweet jig!


The company is running a fund campaign on Kickstarter to cover the cost of the initial manufacturing setup and the funding of software development. Each Eedu Drone kit will retail for $449, shipping expected in Dec, 2015.

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