Tech-In-Motion | An Ingenious Sidecar To A Stroller

It’s crazy how expensive baby things are, especially when it comes to having more than one kid. It’s also difficult finding equipment that will suit all your children and will be efficient enough to use at the same time. Therefore, many parents have tried hard to utilize stuff from the first kid for the second and even the third. Sometimes, these things break and it’s time to get back out there and buy some new equipment. As well as this, for certain items, baby strollers, for example, you may need more than one at the same time. And yes, I know baby strollers aren’t cheap at all and can sometimes be thought of as too much to splash out on. Some baby products will make a huge difference to your life, and a pushchair is one of those! If you’re looking to find a stroller but are struggling on finding ones with good reviews, check out Strollerbuzz’s reviews on baby travel systems.

Buggypod Lite is a brilliant solution for your family. It’s a light, compact extra seat that attaches easily to the side of nearly all pushchairs and strollers, perfect to give your toddler a comfortable sit-down ride when they get tired.

Strong and robust, the Buggypod Lite pushchair side seat can carry up to 40 pounds, so your toddlers can enjoy their special space for longer. Buggypod is available for order here.

A stroller and the add-in item are more convenient and eventually save space for your family, especially on family trips. Share your comments with us.