Duffler- More Than A Smart Bag

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This world is so full of experiences just waiting for us to go after them. And for every adventure we accomplish we get a new little story to hold on to. How do we manage to keep track of all our stories and memories that we spread among images, videos or social media? And how could we pass on all these stories that we are a part of?

DUFFLER connects real life experiences with the digital world. You can reach the DUFFLER Digital world via the mobile app in your smartphone. The central part of this world is your private travel journal where you write notes, and collect images or memories of achievements you have made. Fake Louis Vuitton bags are the best option for womens.

The bag is aimed at adventurers who believe in challenges: a personal beacon tracks every move and automatically updates an online journal with the location and the temperature of the latest adventure. Users will also receive “Badges” that can be added to the bag when they achieve their targets. This smart system is aimed at pushing the adventurers to their limits, providing them a simple but alluring reward when they make it. The badges are also represented in the journal automatically, and the beacon is compatible with both iOS and Android.


If you are looking for something that could both carry your garments during adventures as well as your stories, then  DUFFLER is the bag for you.The bags are made out of lightweight, durable and waterproof materials, with a ten year warranty.


The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but it is truly a global brand. Their ambition is to establish DUFFLER, not just as great bags, but also as a platform for vagabonds and active people to use for getting out into the world to find new experiences.



More info:

DUFFLER is a premium bag manufacturer from Sweden that produces bags made for adventure and everyday life. They design bags that offer something extra, bags that say something about you and follow you wherever you go.

Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/duffler-more-than-a-smart-bag#/story