This Is The World’s Smallest Electric Bike

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a-bike-electric-2The A-Bike Electric is the lightest and most compact electric bike. It folds in seconds to transform your journey.

It’s true, no matter where you go, there will always be people riding bikes. For many people around the world, bikes are a main source of transportation, and it’s easy to see why: they’re cheap, efficient and pretty easy to maintain. Bikes aren’t too expensive, and great for people on a budget. Most commuters would probably prefer an e-bike, because they require less energy, and you won’t have to worry about being soaked in sweat by the time you reach your destination. Electric bikes are great to use, even if they’re somewhat inconvenient. But thanks to the A-Bike Electric, that might not be the case for much longer.

According to its manufacturers, the A-Bike is the world’s smallest, lightest folding bicycle. It’s design is pretty unique looking. Now, a group of UK-based entrepreneurs are hoping to extend its claims to the world of e-bikes, with the A-Bike Electric.

Weighing in at just 26Ibs (12kg) the bike is easy to transport, and unfolds in just 10 seconds, meaning you can get about quickly.

With its tiny wheels and a battery that’s the size of a thermos, the ride is so small it can tuck inside a backpack or under a desk, making it a cinch to take onto a subway, train or car. Parking won’t even be an issue when you can easily take it inside of a store or restaurant.

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The electric power assistance automatically kicks in when you start peddling, can detect when you’re slowing down (and while kick it up a gear), and keeps you going for up to 15 miles (25km).

Some people may be concerned about the tiny wheels. Wouldn’t they get stuck in potholes? “Potholes are a problem, but you’d experience similar problems on a Brompton [compact folding bike] or even a full-sized bike too,” A-Bike Electric Ltd’s Richard Ling tells Gizmag. “With commuter traffic you’re likely to not be going at high speeds either, so have time to watch out for them. The smaller wheels help you get up to speed quicker, which is ideal for the stop and start city commuters.”

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This just in. The A-Bike has just been funded. So what’s next? The first A-Bike Electrics are currently being tested to make sure they pass all the necessary certifications and so that we can ensure quality. Testing so far has been really positive and they are on course to deliver on spec and on time. If you backed the early bird or two/four reward options you’ll be getting yours in September. For everyone else, you’ll get to take to the road on yours in October.