Zero Electric Motorcycles Now Have A Hot-Swappable Battery System

If there’s one problem to racing a cool electric motorcycle, it’s that pit stops tend to be a bit slow. After all, in the time it takes a regular hot rod to refuel, you’ve probably only gained one or two percent of charge.

The FX is the only Zero that uses removable battery modules. You swing open a lockable battery gate, and can then use either one or two 2.8 kWh modules. This makes them handy fleet bikes, as you can keep a number of spares charging off the bike and swap them in as needed, with Zero’s clever battery management systems able to deal with two batteries at different states of charge, or different temperatures.

That’s why Zero Motorcycles has created a patent pending hot-swappable battery system for the Zero FX that enables you to “refuel” the e-bike in just over half a minute. The clip below shows you how quickly this can be done out on the track, which makes this $10,000 bike pretty darn cool.

Source: Engadget