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What To Check Before Buying a Used Car

Did you know that around 17 million cars are sold each year in the United States of America? Buying a used car is a great financial decision as you can get the same value from a vehicle while saving thousands of dollars. Fear of previous damage or use is often enough to scare consumers from making the decision to buy a used car.

Knowing what to check before buying a used car is a great idea because you can do a comprehensive check to make sure that you won’t run into future expenses and issues. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn from this used car buying guide.

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The Vehicle History

The first thing that you need to check when you’re looking at buying a used car is the vehicle history. It’s a good idea to get the vehicle identification number and check the vehicle’s history when it comes to car accidents and previous owners. It’s also an effective way to determine if there are any liens on the car and whether or not there are recalls that need to get fixed.


Depending on where you live and where you’re trying to buy a used car, it’s vital that you check the vehicle for rust. Areas like the rust belt experience harsh winters and there is often salt on the road to help with getting rid of snow. This combination shoots up into the undercarriage of the cars on the road and causes significant corrosion over time.

You need to check the underside of the car if you want to save yourself from a bad investment. Rust can make your car unsafe in a hurry and it will cost thousands of dollars to repair. Make sure you check out Bidlane’s locations when the time comes to buy a used car for you or a family member.


The mileage of the vehicle is another key factor to think about when you’re looking at what to check before buying a used car. It should be no secret that vehicles that have higher mileage are going to have more wear and tear on their components. The good news is that vehicles that have higher mileage are often much more affordable.

Check Under the Hood

It’s also vital that you check under the hood to see if there are any noticeable leaks or corrosion. You can dodge a major bullet by looking for old or damaged components under the hood of the vehicle that you’re considering. It’s a good idea to check the oil and transmission fluid dipstick as well.

Now You Know What to Check Before Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can seem risky, but it’s a lot easier when you have some solid used car buying advice to apply to the situation. Understanding what to check before buying a used car could end up saving you thousands of dollars simply by looking under the hood and checking the frame for rust. You should also look up the VIN to see about potential recalls and past accidents.

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