Autonomous technology in the auto world, are we already to give up control?

Self- driving cars are the luxury innovation for “status” brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi but soon, by the year of 2020, we could be looking at other brands like Nissan working with NASA to incorporate this technology into their vehicles.

Car makers are competing to be the most innovative in the market, showing off their best tricks like those displayed in CES Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas 2015.

Audi sent a car from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas, 560 miles driving hands off behind the wheel. Mercedes–Benz unveiled the F015 Luxury in Motion, where the driver and passenger can sit face to face with the back seat passengers.  BMW launched a self–parking car that parallel parks and finds available spots and Tesla Model S also updated software to allow this model to drive itself by this summer.

Autonomous technology in the auto world is the future of luxury in vehicles and most profitable segment in the already growing industry. Technology + automobiles.

My question is,  self driving cars – are we already to give up control?

-Maria Blanco H.-