Tesla Cars Are Being Used As Cabs In Holland

Do you want to be picked up in an $84,000 cab?

Tesla Model S taxis are already operating in Norway, where generous electric car incentives make the car one of the country’s best-selling vehicles. And now Holland is following Norway.

The Netherlands’ Taxi Electric will add the Model S to its existing fleet of Nissan Leaf taxis, giving travelers the opportunity for a more luxurious ride. In addition, the taxi company will partner with Cabforce, a Finland-based company that offers an online service for booking taxi journeys, to let customers be able to easily make a reservation and specified Model S taxi or other green option that they want to be served.“Finland is a world leader in cleantech, so when we had the chance to partner with Taxi Electric in Holland, it was an easy decision. The Tesla Model S sedans are an instant style icon, groundbreaking in the way they’re designed and revolutionary in the way they operate. The transfers to and from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport are going to be even more smooth and luxurious, with the usual Cabforce seal of quality,” said Cabforce Co-Founder Tommi Holmgren.“There’s no doubt our Tesla Model S taxis are the most eye-catching vehicles on the road today in Holland,” added Edvard Hendriksen, Co-Founder of Taxi Electric. And yet, who doesn’t want to have a ride in a Tesla Model S!

Although the roughly $80,000 base price may be a bit steep for most of us, making a reservation for a Tesla Model S when you travel to Norway or Holland may give you some saving/financing ideas to afford your dream car in the future.

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