Yamaha Shows Off Two New 3-Wheeled Concepts

The two concepts – one for road use and the other for off-road, dirt scrambling, are based on Yamaha’s leaning front wheel architecture of the Yamaha Tricity Scooter. 

Guitarists will love Yamaha’s futuristic three-wheeled scooters. So will rugged hikers and even dancers, according to a video hyping the products. For now, the Japanese company isn’t providing a ton of details about those scooters. But they do look great.

Yamaha has unveiled two concepts for its 03Gen Scooter, which features three wheels and an ultra-futuristic silhouette. Although specs have not been released, according to Yamaha, the 03Gen-f touts a “racing” feel, and the concept is currently in its advanced stages. The second concept is the 03Gen-x, which is versatile in that it caters for both urban city riding and off-road adventures.

Last year, Yamaha started selling its TriCity three-wheeled scooter in Europe that’s geared towards fuel-efficient, low-maintenance urban transportation. That vehicle, which is notable for its 50/50 weight distribution, has a 125cc four-stroke engine, weighs about 335 pounds and costs about $5,500. The scooter also features a front suspension design that allows the rider to lean through turns.


Source: Autoblog