When A CarMaker Talks About Wearable Tech

“You’ve missed mobile – don’t miss wearable,” Redg Snodgrass started his keynote speech of the same title in which he underscored the importance of this topic. But do you know wearable? What is it and what might it do for you? Have a look at this to get more information. The event took place at the BMW Welt, Munich.

BMW Welt is a multi-functional customer experience and exhibition facility of the BMW AG, located in Munich, Germany. In direct proximity to the BMW Headquarters and the Olympiapark, it’s designed to present the current products of BMW, be a distribution center for BMW cars, and offer an event forum as well as a conference center.

In recent years, wearable technology has become a hot topic in the tech industry. While many insiders have designated wearable devices for business as the next big thing, BMW has envisioned a future of wearable transportation by sponsored for Barcelona’s Students to come up with some concepts for that very idea. They are called “Suits That Transport” or simply wearable alternatives to cars.

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