UberCargo Will Help You Transport Your Stuff

Uber has made millions offering quick, convenient rides to customers. Its ambitions are much larger.

In today’s world, millions of businesses and individuals have relied on a delivery service Toronto to get their parcel, box, or package to where it needs to be. The right courier service can save you a lot of time, stress, and money. And now, there’s been a new development in the courier world.

The company started testing UberCargo on Thursday, a new service that allows customers to transport goods locally by cargo van. It may seem like a good idea but big companies have notoriously been unable to make money from this type of service due to the vast number of small couriers available already. We’ll have to see if Uber can make this venture a success or not.

It is most likely an appeal to urban dwellers who do not own cars or trucks and occasionally have to move larger items from one place to another; in a company blog post, Uber gives examples like riding with a large pet or moving a mattress to a new home.

But more than that, it is a signal of Uber’s ever-expanding goals to be a transportation company for any and all sorts of items – from a file folder of important documents to a wagon-load full of chilled groceries.

Uber has already tried out the delivery business. In New York, the company offers UberRush, a bike messenger courier service for delivering small items quickly. And in Washington, users can have a number of items typically found at a convenience store delivered to their homes by the UberEssentials program.

In a blog post on UberCargo, Uber called the project an “Uber Everything experiment focused on making every day city living easier so you have more time to do what matter most.” Each of these small scale tests-yes, even the wacky ones-gives Uber a better idea of whether consumers actually want to use Uber for all of their needs. As Uber continues to expand, even in the face of so much regulatory backlash, it seems all signs point to yes.

While Uber’s ambitions are large, the company is testing its new services slowly and methodically. UberCargo is now only available in Hong Kong, while other services like UberFresh, a lunch and dinner delivery option, was first piloted in the greater Los Angeles area.

The company did not specify when or if UberCargo would become widely available.

Source: Wired