U.S. Scientists Have Taken A Breakthrough Step Into Mind-Control

Imagine you are able to move subjects by using your mind, or talking without physically moving your mouth. The whole mind-controlled concept is absolutely cool!

The Office of the Secretary of Defense and The U.S. Army Research Laboratory have teamed up with the University of Texas at San Antonio to help make their vision for a mind-controlled device a reality.

What is that device? It’s a new type of drone – one that could be controlled simply and only with a soldier’s mind. The University of Texas’s graduate students described their prototype as a hovering drone operated via a cell phone app while one researcher sat and focused intently on the unmanned aerial vehicles’ activity. The idea is that by studying the brain signals and magnetic waves, the researchers will be able link the activity to specific commands that can eventually be received by an advanced drone. These commands would be relayed by a sophisticated electroencephalogram system (EEG) that can process brain signals. drone control researchIf successful, the project would allow soldiers to command future drones in ways beyond simple navigational commands, and furthermore, it would potentially enable them to command the vehicles to travel over specific geographic installations and send critical data back to their operators.

“It may even help patients with conditions like autism or Alzheimer’s disease or help stroke victims recover”, engineering student Karl LaFleur said.

Mind-controlled technology is already a reality.

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