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The New iPad Pro is Here and it’s Massive.

Rumors circled long enough for most to assume what we were in for. Yet the reveal was greater than anticipated. The beast is a beauty, with the highest pixel density we’ve seen on a tablet so far at 5.6million pixels. Under the screen, it operates on a 64-bit A9X chip and weighs 1.57lbs.

It made sense that the new iPad would be large enough to accompany iOS9’s split screen feature. In fact, you can fit a whole iPad Air in the iPad Pro‘s display and still have enough screen real estate to have another app running off on the side. So we’re sitting here, watching Apple play with an iPad that finally has potential to replace your laptop and of course we’re all thinking: What about the surface pro? It has a stylus and keyboard.

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Boom! The Apple Pencil. Try to hold your laughter at that name. Although, the audience at the keynote couldn’t. The stylus penned as the Apple Pencil is very premium and it should be considering its $100 price tag. The Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil combo will set you back another $300 roughly on top of the $800-$1100 for the tablet itself. Sure it’s expensive, but the iPad Pro looks like it could be the closest to what we’ve wanted in a tablet. Just remember to be careful not to drop it as you might find yourself having to hunt down an ipad screen repair expert. The stylus is integrated well with Adobe software and has the most functional tip on any stylus I’ve ever seen. What really caught me by surprise was a Microsoft representative walking on stage to demo Word and Excel. On what very well could be the Surface Pro killer.