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Apple TV Gets A Much Needed Makeover

Apple TV had a slow pick up; but today it’s a popular device. Cord-cutters are dominating, creating a trickle of fear in the eyes of cable companies. We’ve seen multiple attempts to make the TV interface friendly. Roku and Google have their own renditions of the TV player and both are mildly appealing at best. What Apple showed us of the new Apple TV is actually enticing. A beautiful UI overlays a well thought out form that seems to function well. Allowing you to search any title and have all of the available links on one screen. Including descriptions, trailers and similar interests. Watching the demo of the next iteration of Apple TV was charming. It was hard to hold back a whisper of relief: “Finally, someone did it right.”

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Priced at $150, the upgrade isn’t horribly inconvenient. It fully integrates Siri and has pop-ups riddled with information. Anywhere from info on actors to weather and sports updates. Best of all, we finally get an app store. Yes, a full app store for the Apple TV. Where else would they put the bundle of games they want you to enjoy with your family? The updated remote has voice functionality, can be waved around like a Nintendo Wii and has it’s own touchpad. Apple TV has it’s heart set on being your new family entertainment center and I think it totally can be. You can also take this to next level by playing some online games like agen sbobet to make your life more joyful and full of fun. Apple has also features screen share over facetime from imessage.

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The remote connects via bluetooth and also has an IR blaster which can control your television’s power and volume. Oddly though, it’ll need a charge now and then. As for the actual device, it’s about twice as tall as the previous one. The update seems worth it though and Apple promises to update the OS as regularly as it does iOS.