4 Reasons German Cars Are Best

4 Reasons German Cars Are Best

Have you heard the saying, “Give the people what they want?” Well, in this case, that’s a German car.

Think about what kind of car people most often buy when they get a big promotion or pay raise…BMW, Mercedes, Audi. Owning a German car is a status symbol, but it’s also more than that.  

Germany produces nearly 10 million cars every year with a lot of them being expensive luxury or performance cars. Some of their other cars represent better gas mileage and a good way to get around urban areas. 

Are you thinking about buying a German car? There are some really great German cars on the market, but what makes them so good? Keep reading to learn a few of the reasons to buy German.

1. German Engineering 

What’s your favorite German vehicle? Do you love the Porsche for its speed? Maybe the Mini Cooper is more your style…one thing you’ll come to realize with German vehicles is their dependability and longevity. 

When you invest in a German-made car, you’re getting a car that’s been engineered to be the top in technology and craftsmanship. German cars are ahead in most categories making them a solid investment. 

2. Car Design History 

German cars have a rich history in design and manufacturing. You can find evidence of German engineering and ingenuity in the earliest inventions. 

The Mercedes Benz company is nearly 100 years old. In fact, it was Karl Benz who patented the internal combustion engine in the late 1870s. His internal combustion engine was used in the first “practical automobile” in 1885 for which he is credited with designing. 

3. Luxury Brand 

From Volkswagen to BMW to Mercedes Benz, German cars are known to be in a higher class of cars. They offer some of the best luxury options.

They all have sleek and classy designs and accessories to make you enjoy driving. From your commute to work to a long road trip, you’re feeling classy and comfortable. 

4. Built for Speed 

Think of the Autobahn…You can be driving 100 mph and have someone whizz by you in a Porsche going 120 mph without flinching. German cars are built for the speed of driving the Autobahn. 

If you wanted to test the upper limits of the speed of a German car, the Autobahn is where you’d go. Car manufacturers use tracks to test and have helped innovate the automotive industry for the better. 

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Types of German Cars 

Of all the types of German cars out there, there is one thing for sure…they are built to last. They’re fun to drive. They’re reliable, dependable, and comfortable. If you decide to buy a German car, remember that proper maintenance will keep it running well for years to come. 

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