Tesla is Set to Unveil a New Battery for Your Home

In just a week Tesla has big news for your utility bill.

Energy is a resource that will never lose value. Our reliance on it can be scary and the idea of ever running out is unthinkable. We’re quick as consumers to think of the companies that generate entertaining strides into our comfort and our convenience, but when it comes to economic brilliance, the realization is a slow one. I’m here to point your nose in the right direction.

Tesla is a huge innovator and has been vocal about messing with the idea of batteries for a long time, and they haven’t been keeping this next secret very well either. Tesla plans on unveiling a battery for your home at their event on April 30th.



On March 30th Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, hinted at a new product arriving and “no it’s not a car”. Just this week there’s been rumor that Musk has revealed over email to some of the event attenders that the new product will be their much anticipated battery for your home.

So here’s how the system works. SolarCity is a large solar panel company that is quite successful, and also chaired by Musk. Solar panels have proven to be a beneficial market and a really efficient way to produce energy however the downsides are that sometimes, simply put, the sun isn’t out or vise versa, the sun is shining but there’s no energy being used. The Tesla battery we expect to see soon could help.


With more residents getting in touch with their local solar installer in California, there is a new demand for battery storage systems and Tesla is determined to fill this need. The solar energy and battery would become a powerhouse of a package together and in Giga factories such as the one, they’re currently involved within Nevada. Some of these batteries are already being installed in commercial buildings and the battery is claimed to reduce cost on the utility bill by 30%. Amazingly, this is after what you’d already be saving by switching to solar energy. The batteries, as far as we know could last from about two full days to a week on just stored power in the event of an outage.

And how might this change the industry as far as energy? This could potentially make it easier for people to become independent sources and become a major competition to their own utility bill. Progressing toward a lifestyle where solar and battery stored power would make energy endlessly abundant, extremely cheap and incredibly easy to use. Although it’s prevalent that SolarCity and Tesla have no desire to completely take people off the grid, but rather to make energy clean and affordable.

Straubel, Tesla CTO, has stated that the company has discussed business with utility companies as quoted by the Verge, “The long-term demand for stationary energy storage is extraordinary. We’ve done a huge amount of effort there and have talked to major utilities and energy service companies.”

That demand for energy will only go up. As hybrids and electric cars advance and become more common and as the digital era provides more chargeable mechanics.

Tesla has surpassed its own reputation as a car company. They’re much more than that. They’re innovators in energy.