Smart Cities

Smart Cities Form A Wiser Congress – Cities Band Together To Drive Innovation

Cities are rapidly evolving as their populations get larger and technology becomes increasingly sophisticated to meet increasing public demands. With countries such as Singapore, the UAE and the US all demonstrating how technology is modernising cities. And as these urban centres become increasingly crucial to the economy, it’s a rapidly expanding list.

The Smart Cities Forum has since been developed to help cities master this revolutionary transition. As a collaborative effort between TM Forum members, it aims to make the building of these cities readily available. The forum has its sights set on expanding to become a list of over 100 cities and nearly 1,000 companies.

Smart City Forum

Following every city is a line of specific problems and challenges they have to overcome over their long history. And far more than just providing information through data-sharing, the forum intends to meet unique requirements. According to Carl Piva of TM Forum: “Academia is a part of that. And other ecosystem partners that deliver solutions into the smart city domain. It will all be driven by the needs and requirements of these cities.”

There’s already a strong lineup of cities that will take part in this interconnected initiative. With cities like Los Angeles, Lisbon, Portugal; Dublin, Vancouver and Toronto being among them. Modern cities stand at a crossroads, as urban centres become crucial to economic growth.

With 54% of the world’s GDP coming from cities by 2020 according to recent research. Cities will have to choose between a wider community of technological advancement or to resist these changes.