Tesla Model Y Production To Begin In 2020

The electric crossover will begin production in 2020

What will the Tesa Y look like? It’s still a mystery to most of us. Just recently, CEO Elon Musk has revealed that the company aims to bring the new vehicle to production in 2020, adding in its conference call that doing so will spark a “manufacturing revolution”. Although he didn’t expand on what that revolution will look like. Part of this will likely be the announcement of a new factory. State of the art facilities like these tend to have equipment like mobile platforms to enable workers to move around the factory floor more easily and is a safer alternative to ladders. Such equipment helps to make operations more efficient – you can learn more about them online if you would like. Those platforms are often seen in most manufacturing facilities, so it’s likely that this one will also have them. To increase safety for the workers, the facility could consider investing in some indoor safety gates to make sure workers don’t experience any falls or injuries.

The vehicle’s real impact will be in the manufacturing process, where Musk says he wants to avoid the pain he’s currently experiencing with Model 3 production. “I think the Model Y is going to be a manufacturing revolution,” he said, adding that the Model Y will be “incredible from a manufacturing standpoint.”

It had originally aimed for a 2019 release date, then pushed it back to 2020 because of plans for an entirely new production platform. Musk then scratched that idea in a bid to bring the car to market sooner.

When talking about making a new platform for Model Y, Musk previously said that Tesla will get rid of the 12-volt battery architecture. It means no more lead-acid battery and a different way to power in-car electronics. Musk says that it will reduce the overall wiring significantly and simplify the production process.

The CEO also confirmed that Tesla doesn’t plan to manufacture the Model Y at its Fremont factory and that it will instead announce a new factory location “no later than in the fourth quarter”, which mean that it should be confirmed by the end of the year.

Source: Engadget