Lumos Bike Helmet Is Back With New Apple Watch Gesture Controls

The Lumos bike Helmet is back with a smart new feature. This smart helmet caught our eyes a few years back. Now, Lumos’ flagship product is getting an upgrade that brings Apple Watch support, activity tracking, and more.

This week the company launched its new watch iOS app. This lets you control your helmet’s lighting using simple gestures. You do the hand gestures, Apple Watch does the thinking, and Lumos does the blinking. With 10 white lights in the front, 38 red in the rear, and 11 orange on each side, oncoming vehicles and pedestrians will see you coming no matter where they are.

Some three years ago, the Lumos Helmet got its start as a Kickstarter project. The helmet goes out of its way to make sure you’re seen when cycling. It does this by integrating lights, hard brake, turn signals, and a protective helmet into a single solid package.

The helmet sells for $180 and just went on sale at Apple Stores. The helmet battery lasts about six hours in flashing mode and three in solid mode. Charging via the included magnetic charging cable takes just two hours. The Apple Watch app also allows the for rides to be tracked and synced with Apple’s Health app and Strava.

Even with extensive features, such as tracking, you might not feel comfortable leaving your gadget with another person. You might also be concerned about damage to your watch from others or yourself. For those who have such concerns, you can check out apple watch replacement parts prior, from retailers who can provide you the same, and keep it handy- in the event your worry comes true. With that trouble out of the picture, you can enjoy your favorite mode of transport, without much ado.

Since biking is becoming more popular as a means of transportation, safety would still be an issue for many. In which scenario, these new smart helmet features could make a big difference for many daily bikers.

Photo credit: “Source: lumoshelmet.co”

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