Are You Sure That You’ve Pronouncing Correctly Your Japanese Car Brand?

How many Japanese car brands do you know? And how many of them do you pronounce the way the Japanese pronounce them? Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Nissan are very well-known brands. And we’ve safely assumed we can pronounce those Japanese Brands as fluently as Ford and Chevrolet. However, it might not be true. If you hear something said only one way, you might not even think about the idea that there may be a different way to pronounce it.

In case you’re ever in Japan and need to pronounce car brands truly correctly, this video and a bit of rehearsal will have you covered. The pronunciations in the below link might sound funny to you, but just remember when speaking Japanese brands, you might be the one who’s pronouncing them bizarrely.


Share with us how many Japanese Brands have you been pronouncing correctly.

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