Saving Money With GMC: Average GMC Truck Miles per Gallon

In the world of pickup trucks, GMC has long been synonymous with rugged dependability and unmatched performance.

Whether it’s conquering off-road trails or hauling heavy loads, GMC trucks are built to excel. However, for the savvy driver, fuel efficiency also plays a pivotal role in the overall cost of ownership.

That is why, in this article, we will look into the essential factors that influence the fuel economy of GMC trucks. We’ll discover how you can make informed decisions to optimize your savings. That way, you can enjoy the power and capability that GMC vehicles are known for.

Read on then for more details on your expected GMC truck miles per gallon consumption.

An Overview of the GMC Truck Miles Per Gallon Average Cost

GMC Trucks offer consumers an average fuel efficiency, with a range of up to 20 miles per gallon on the highway for diesel models. GMC Trucks are offered in various sizes and configurations depending on the consumer’s lifestyle requirements and budget.

GMC models can be equipped with an AWD system, as well as many other convenience options that help to make the driving experience much more pleasant. The price ranges for GMC Trucks vary greatly, depending on the model, options package, and condition of the vehicle.

Generally speaking, the average cost for a new GMC Truck in 2024 starts from $39,595, depending on the model and trim package. For used GMC Trucks, the prices can range from $10,000 to over $30,000. With the right options, GMC Trucks from dealers like Cardinale GMC offer great value for money and plenty of dependability.

Factors that Affect Saving Money With GMC

Saving money with GMC is largely dependent on how well you manage the various factors that influence your spending. Altogether, if you manage these factors responsibly, you should be able to save significantly on your GMC-related expenses. Here’s an overview:

Varied Models and Engines

The GMC average MPG for its trucks is impressive, considering the variety of models and engines available to choose from. Compact trucks and larger SUVs are both the nature of the beast when it comes to being gas guzzlers, but GMC manages to be efficient without sacrificing its performance.

The larger models, with their powerful V8 and V6 engines, still manage to average high scores in the city and even better figures on the highway. Furthermore, certain models are available with Flex-Fuel capabilities for an even more efficient filling experience. All in all, the models and engines mean that GMC has a powerful presence when it comes to saving fuel for its customers.

V6 vs. V8 Engines

Saving money with GMC average miles per gallon of GMC trucks in comparison to V6 and V8 engines is a worthy consideration for those looking to buy more economical vehicles. Often, V6 engines provide the best balance between performance and fuel economy, with GMC’s V6 averaging 22 mpg on the highway and 25 mpg in combined city and highway travel.

V8s, on the other hand, typically offer more power but also consume more fuel; a V8 from GMC will boast around 17 mpg on the highway and only 19 mpg combined. With potential savings in the hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of the vehicle, considering miles-per-gallon with a GMC offering before investing is wise.

City vs. Highway MPG

The GMC truck line is praised for its great fuel efficiency. Compared to other trucks, the average GMC truck has a higher miles per gallon in both city and highway driving. Depending on the trim level and engine size, a GMC truck can range from 22 to 29 MPG on the highway and from 14 to 16 MPG in the city.

The better the engine and trim level, the better the MPG. Regardless, all GMCs offer the ability to save money at the gas pump. With features like real-time fuel economy rating and a stop/start engine, a driver can really see the difference in fuel economy. Fuel economy ratings can easily be tracked with the GMC Connected Services, making sure you know exactly how much you are spending on fuel at all times.

Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are used in GMC vehicles to lower fuel costs and increase the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. Diesel engines offer improved fuel economy compared to gasoline engines due to their higher compression ratio. This means that diesel fuel provides greater energy for each gallon of fuel used, which means more miles per gallon.

Additionally, diesel engines are very reliable and seldom require costly repairs, thus saving owners on costly vehicle repairs. Finally, diesel fuels burn more completely and are cleaner than gasoline, releasing fewer emissions into the air, which in turn helps to reduce health risks and keep our environment clean.

Trim Levels and Features

By exploring trim levels and features available with GMC trucks, you can save money on fuel. GMC Truck Miles per Gallon averages are often higher than the national average due to lightweight design and efficient engineering. Higher MPG allows drivers to do more with their vehicles on less fuel.

Features such as an EcoTec3 engine, Duramax turbo-diesel engine, and Active Fuel Management are all designed to ensure optimal fuel efficiency. Additionally, the GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid is a perfect example of a fuel-efficient vehicle.

GMC regularly adds features such as Auto Stop/Start technology, eAssist technology, and lightweight composites to ensure optimal fuel efficiency, which keeps your money in the bank while you enjoy your GMC truck.


When it comes to saving money on gas in a GMC Truck, aerodynamics is an important consideration. By optimizing the exterior body of a truck to reduce air resistance, the engine can move more efficiently and use less fuel. Quality aerodynamic modifications can increase the GMC truck’s miles per gallon (MPG) rating by 10-20%.

Simple changes such as tape or plastic sheeting on windows, grille blockers, and adding a bed cover can help reduce drags. More extensive changes to the truck can dramatically improve a vehicle’s MPG, such as:

  • wheel covers
  • bug deflectors
  • air dams
  • a complete change in the body style

When coupled with improved mechanical maintenance and driving habits, these modifications can help decrease the amount of fuel used and save money for the owner.

Maximize Your GMC Truck Miles per Gallon Consumption

Saving money with GMC truck miles per gallon is well worth the effort. The average GMC truck MPG allows you to comfortably track the fuel cost and efficiency of your truck, so try it out and start saving money today!

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