Miami International Airport Commits To A Full Installation iBeacon Throughout The Airport

Miami International Airport has announced that it will be the first airport in the world to deploy iBeacon across the entire airport on SITA’s Common-Use Registry open standard framework.

iBeacon  is Apple’s implementation of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology to create a different way of providing location-based information and services to iPhones and other iOS devices. iBeacon arrived in iOS7, which means it works with iPhone 4s or later, iPad (third generation and onwards), iPad Mini and iPod Touch (fifth generation or later).


The iBeacon itself is a small, cheap Bluetooth transmitter. Apps installed on your iPhone listen for the signal transmitted by the iBeacon Device and respond accordingly when the phone comes into range.

After Apple’s introduction of this new device, some notable programs and trials have been experimented at Heathrow Airport, London, so that passengers heading towards the security checkpoint will find their phone automatically pulling up their mobile boarding pass ready for inspection.


The Miami International Airport will use SITA’s open standard Common-Use iBeacon Registry so that all airlines customers, airport retailers and passenger services providers can interface with the iBeacon according to their particular needs, in a framework compatible with their proprietary apps.

The passenger experience at Miami Airport is our number one concern and iBeacon Technology allows us make it even better. With our iBeacons, now airlines and our other partners can give passengers relevant information on their phones at every point of their journey through the airport, said Maurice Jenkins, Division Director of Miami International Airport’s Information Systems

Ideally, iBeacon makes it simple for the airport to collaborate with its partners, both domestic and international, and let them take advantage of this new technology, too. Airlines that fly to Miami are already working on their apps so that passengers will start seeing the benefits very soon. Moreover, iBeacon can be used for staff notifications and to beam operational information – such as temperature, noise level, vibration, etc. — throughout the airport to allow efficient operational management.


The Miami International Airport, which has in the recent past been known for long wait times and underwhelming customer experience, made a $3.5 million investment to install 36 Passport Control Kiosks — cutting wait times by 40% this year and opened a new TSA Pre-Check application center at the airport this month.


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