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NASA Develops Technology to Reduce Aircraft Noise

NASA says it has actually found a way to make planes up to 70% quieter when they’re landing. This would mean quieter airports and happier communities surrounding them, and consequently fewer noise complaints to the FAA.

“The number one public complaint the Federal Aviation Administration receives is about aircraft noise,” said Mehdi Khorrami, an aerospace scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia, and principal investigator for Acoustic Research Measurement. “NASA’s goal here was to reduce aircraft noise substantially in order to improve the quality of life for communities near airports. We are very confident that with the tested technologies we can substantially reduce total aircraft noise, and that could really make a lot of flights much quieter.” The aerospace industry keeps coming up with the latest things, check in to learn more about the manufacturing.

Scientists from NASA’s Langley, Virginia facility tested non-propulsion component parts on a Gulfstream III jet. These included porous landing gear fairings that allowed some air to flow through, as well as several different additions for cavities to lessen the noise. Finally, NASA tried out a seamless and flexible design that covers the space that typically emerges between wing and deployed flaps.

The designs are of course still in the testing phase but if you do live near an airport or are about to then the good news is that NASA’s track record in this area is seriously impressive.

Significant reduction in aircraft noise must be realized in order for air transportation growth to maintain its current trend. The reduction of airframe noise using NASA technology is an important achievement in this effort, as it may lead to quieter aircraft, which will benefit communities near airports and foster expanded airport operations.

Source: Engadget