OverDrive – The Next Generation Of Anki Drive Is Coming

“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun” — Nina Dobrev

And what could be more fun than opening the starter kit, rolling out the track, and unleashing two unique robot race cars? Let the battle begin with your best friends! And if you are looking the best games About My Area check here.

Anki just dropped a teaser of its next generation of Anki Drive called Overdrive. The new version features a modular track system that lets you snap pieces together quickly with magnetic connectors, allowing racers to customize their races endlessly.



anki-800x450“This truly is the next generation of Anki. It’s the same as a Google car, but without a $70,000 laser scanner on the roof,” said Tappeiner, Anki’s President. It’s exciting that while the new Anki cars are indeed smarter around the track thanks to beefed-up software, the real showstopper actually is the track. Apparently, the Anki Drive uses a large mat as a racing track. This mat can be rolled up easily in 2 seconds. And in the Anki Overdrive version, we will be able to buy various mats and then assemble them together. For example, when you purchase the Anki Overdrive, it comes with 4 straight mats and 6 curved ones. They will then magnetize each other in order to assemble your own ultimate racing road. If you want longer races, there will be an infinite number of combinations that can be created with additional pieces: intersections, U-turns, jumps, etc. ($10-30 per piece).

It’s crazily fantastic and I love it! The built-in computers combined with visual sensors make sure you stay on-track even during the most legendary battle moments. The Anki Overdrive starter kit will retail this September for $150 and come with two cars. Additional cars will be around $50 each. Click here for more information about the Anki Race Toy.

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