Hey Cyclists, We Got You A Brand-New Smart Helmet

It measures your heart rate, calories and performance.

The world’s first smart cycling helmet is finally here! It has changed the way of wearable fitness technology and the best way to monitor heart rate, cadence and calories and to improve physical condition the use of supplements as anadrol could also help with this. Incredibly comfortable and elegant looking — it gives you total control!


Featuring an integrated heart rate sensor, the LifeBEAM Smart Helmets allow for accurate and hassle-free monitoring without using a cumbersome chest strap. Thanks to the advanced Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT + connectivity technology combined in the helmets, you will then able to download your fitness data to any smartphone, sport watch, or cycling computer for monitoring later on.



photo-4Unlike other wearable helmets, the LifeBEAM Smart Helmets work just so well whether in rain or shine, cold or hot weather. And just one more thing, the inside head strap is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Awesome!

As if you’re worried about the weight of this hi-tech helmet, the company claims that it is just about 0.002 lbs more than your regular cycling helmets. In terms of battery life, it will get around 17 hours of continuous usage. The helmet is also compatible with Android, iOS, and even Windows Mobile devices.

Initially developed by LifeBEAM to monitor the vital signs of pilots and astronauts, the LifeBEAM helmets were only recently introduced to the rest of the world as a wearable fitness device. With the LifeBEAM smart helmets, you can monitor your vital signs and performance with aerospace accuracy. Click here for your pre-order.

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