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Air travel is a bit like riding a bike; after you’ve done it for a while, it becomes second nature. I love air travel. There’s something very special about getting on an airplane for a new adventure. And that’s why I’m always on the lookout for deals on flights–so when I heard about Jetradar, I was eager to see if it would be my new go-to booking website.go-to booking website.

Jetradar is a travel search engine that allows users to compare airline prices, track down special offers, and book the cheapest tickets available. The company began in 2007 as an airfare blog by founder Konstantin Kalinov. The catalyst for the business came the following year when Russian airfare distribution was liberalized, allowing the sale of e-tickets. Operations in Thailand started in March 2013, but it took until last November before the website eventually went live. Now Jetradar and its parent site receive more than 2,500,000 visits per month.

Sharing the same concept with its competitors Skyscanner or Kayak, Jetradar lists online flight deals and travel packages from around the world from least to most expensive. The Flight Details pages will show flight options, and allow users to filter results. The specialty of Jetradar is that they offer an ECO Rank, which lets users filter for the most ecologically friendly flights.

Here is a general comparison between Jetradar and its direct competitors:

  • Skyscanner: Both have a “cheap deals” section next to the flight search and are simple in design. Skyscanner also has searches for hotels and cars, as well as the option to search for your home airport to “everywhere” to see what regions have the best deal.
  • Kayak: Jetradar has links to deals on the front page, which can be good if you’re not picky about where you’re flying. Kayak, however, has multi-city fares, hotels, cars, deals and a handy iPhone app.
  • Expedia: This website has too many advertisements and distracts you from the flight booking, so in this respect Jetradar is better. Expedia has more to offer in terms of packages, combining flights and hotels and car rentals, as well as cruise and resort packages. You also earn rewards for the things you book.

Even though, Jetradar is probably not the greatest attention grabber for international flights, it’s a very good tool to search for lower airfares for traveling to or within Thailand.


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