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With recent advancements in the field of self-driving cars – mostly fueled by Google’s ambitious plans to launch a car with no driver – the automotive world is not ignoring the trend and it’s investing their own resources in this area. BMW has already made progress and shared with the world their autonomous 3 Series Sedan which we had a chance to experience back in 2011. More recently, a BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe was used to showcase the self-driving experience.

Today, Chinese search giant Baidu has announced a partnership with BMW to jointly research driverless car technologies, with the goal of developing a semi-autonomous vehicle in three years.

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The two firms hope to lay the groundwork for technologies that can lead to a fully autonomous car, and will first focus on developing high-resolution maps and building systems so that a car can drive itself in certain scenarios, a Baidu spokeswoman said.

Baidu’s joint project with BMW also means the Chinese company will integrate more of its own data services into the German company’s cars. The search giant already revealed earlier this year that it was working on its own driverless car.

Audi has also recently received their first permit to test self-driving cars on California roads.

Watch our video aboard the BMW self-driving car at Laguna Seca: