A First Look At The Infiniti Q80 Inspiration

At the 2014 Paris Auto Show, Lamborghini will have their Asterion Concept, Toyota will have their C-HR Crossover Concept, Mitsubishi will have their Outlander PHEV Concept, and Infiniti will have their Q80 Inspiration Concept. About a month ago, Infiniti hinted at a new concept car that will make a statement in the luxury vehicles sector, then a few weeks ago it showed us a little more. But now, we’re getting our best look yet at the new show-car.

 The Q80 Inspiration Concept is the debut for Infiniti’s decision to change its entire model lineup to a range of Q- and QX- based alphanumeric sequences. The concept takes the form of a 4-door fastback with an imposing overall length of 199 inches, trumping both the Porsche Panamera and the Aston Martin Rapide in vertical size. A contoured aerodynamic build compliments the futuristic design specs as the Q80 boasts a 4-door “portal-style” opening, leading to an interior cabin comprised of carbon fiber, aluminum and premium leather. Adding the finishing touch is a full-length teardrop glass adorning the upper roof.


After showing Q30 Concept and Q50 Eau Rouge, Infiniti is eager to show the upper range of our portfolio expansion. In Q80 Inspiration, we wanted to capture that unforgettable feeling when you experience something important, something beautiful, something magnetic for the first,” said Infiniti Executive Design Director, Alfonso Albaisa

 Created to serve as “a design and technological highlight to which Infiniti’s four worldwide design studios will refer regularly in coming years”, the Q80 Inspiration may be more design study than pre-production prototype. This concept is bringing its sexy back to Paris as a clear intent to have an entry into the newly defined premium fastback segment.

 The full details of the Infiniti Q80 Inspiration Concept will arrive with the car’s unveiling at the Parish Auto Show on October 2nd.



Do you think the Q80 Inspiration Concept will grab the luxury spotlight ahead of the Paris Auto Show? Share your comments with us.

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