In-Flight Mobile Phone Use Approved Across Europe

The Europe’s Air Safety Agency has issued a new guideline allowing passengers to use portable electronics including cell phones and tablet computers any time during the flights.

This new guideline is based on The European Commission’ introduction of the measurements to harmonize the technical and licensing requirements for mobile services in the sky. The commercial systems currently envisaged for airlines are focusing on MCA services for GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phones operating in the 1800 MHz frequency bands, which over 90 percent of air passenger are estimated to carry when travelling. “In-flight mobile phone services can be a very interesting new service especially for those business travellers who need to be ready to communicate wherever they are,” said Viviane Reding, the European Union Telecommunications Commissioner.

The guideline has started already, so now European-based Airlines can, at their own discretion, allow passengers to use electronics during the entire flight, without the need to put their device into “Airplane Mode”. However, airlines will need to certify that their planes aren’t affected by transmission signals before they allow devices to be used. Recently, the world’s first authorized in-flight mobile phone calls on a commercial flight took place last month following the introduction of the AeroMobile System, a joint venture between Telenor and ARINC, by Emirates Airlines.

Europe’s Air Safety Agency is the second association that allows using mobile devices in-flight after the U.S Federal Aviation Administration.


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