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The Best Oscars Party Was The Green Party

There is not a better party during Oscars week to attend than the annual Global Green Pre Oscars party. The guest list is second to none and besides the Vanity Fair Oscar party, This years Global Green Pre Oscars party was the spot to attend and be seen in.


I mean who could deny the chance to see so many beautiful celebrities coming together for a great cause. This year on behalf of Elite Daily and TechDrive I got to stand on the Green Carpet and interview many of the Celebrities in attendance.Charlie Puth gave me a hug and did a great interview discussing his new house and why going green was so important to him this year.

Ed O’Neil who’s a long time supporter of Global green discussed his Tesla, his Wife’s Fiat 500 and many ways they try to be sustainable. We discussed so many things in the video below;



Stevie Wonder arrived and stayed until the end performing as the main headliner for global Green and spreading the message of peace, love and caring for each other.

Me and my Friend Emily Ratajkowski on the Green Carpet.

Me and my Friend Emily Ratajkowski on the Green Carpet.

After the Green carpet interviews, I attended the Global Green event with my good Friends, international pop sensation Reggie Benjamin and Iwona Burnatt who are mega stars in Europe and Asia and appear on the reality show Zony Hollywood. They try to use their mega following globally to bring awareness to great events and causes and Global Green is a noteworthy cause that helps spread awareness on little things everyone of us can do to be more sustainable to the Earth.


The Party had our friend Charlie Puth open the show and followed by Stevie Wonder who had the whole room dancing doing many of his classic hits.

The entire dinner was a plant based sustainable dinner and I was joined by Radha Mitchell who’s new film London has fallen just opened trying to spread awareness to our friends about little things she’s done to be more sustainable and the global challenge we all face. As she’s a native Australian she felt her attendance definitely helps bring awareness of the mission of Global green to the globe.

Today our planet and people face a great challenge. Having a party during Oscar week and leveraging celebrities to bring the issue of using exponential technologies like Solar power, self driving electric cars LED light bulbs and even simple steps we all can do to save our planet and showing that you can have an A-list worthy party and do good is something more Hollywood events should aspire too. I think Global Green is an event more party planner should take note from.

About the Author:

 Nitish Kannan, is an entrepreneur who innovates in technology. He has great experience in reviewing cars and has interviewed leaders in this field including film director Chris Paine, director of Revenge of the Electric car. He frequently covers numerous Hollywood award shows, parties and iconic events such as the Emmys, Oscars and Grammies. He’s the CEO and founder of, a documentary and film producer, and has been featured on fox business, CNN money, wired magazine and business insider.