jaguar e-type

5 Classic Jaguar Models: What Makes Them Stand Out?

The Jaguar brand is synonymous with classic cars. Virtually any Jag you get could be considered a classic, but some have achieved nearly legendary status. They have tremendous resale value and are prized by collectors.

This article will discuss five classic Jaguar models and what makes them stand out. You can also check out a new Jaguar dealership in Goodyear if you’re interested in learning more about these amazing machines. 

Jaguar XJR

The Jaguar XJR first appeared back in 1968. It bore some resemblance to the Rolls Royce models that were all the rage at that point.

The new enormous supercharger was what made this vehicle a game-changer. The AJ6 4-L engine added some much-needed power to what had become a rather utilitarian sportscar. This model was stiffer, lower, and handled better than what Jaguar had made for the previous decade.

Jaguar XK8

The Jag XK8 made its appearance in the 90s when the brand was once again in need of reinvention. Other companies were making sports cars with size and power, but many lacked smoothness to go with them. The XK8 put them all to shame in that category.

This was the first Jag to feature the 4-L V8 engine, which was a new addition to mass-manufactured cars. Some reviews at the time hailed it as the best Jaguar model of the past 40 years.   

Classic Jaguar S-Type

In the 1960s, Jaguar was desperate to come up with a new model that could effectively replace the dinosaur that was the Mk2. In ‘63, they came up with a design model that looked a bit like an Mk2, but they added a nose and tail lift. 

The lifted rear axle was what made this model stand out, along with the fully independent rear suspension. The bubble headlights were another change, and immediately identifies it as belonging to the 1960s car-making tradition when you spot one today.

Jaguar XF

The XF is a more modern design, with a sinewy body type and a tip of the cap to older Ford models. This one had more flowing curves than the box-like structure of earlier Jaguars.

Purists hated this model when it first appeared, but more casual drivers liked it. It’s just too bad that more casual drivers couldn’t afford it. It’s not hyperbolic that the XF gave the company a facelift that it sorely needed, and you can still see its influence in the most recent Jags.

Jaguar E Type

It is rare that you see many of the E Types still on the road since those who own them tend to hide them away rather than risk anything happening to them. The E Type has a distinctly torpedo-like body and is possibly the most aerodynamic of the Jaguar models. 

It is agile and fast but also smooth and relaxed. It’s a sports car without pretension, a real rarity.

If you get an opportunity to see any of these models, feast your eyes. If you can drive one, so much the better.