Green Ride’s INU Is A Slick Urban Transport Vehicle For The New Age


INU is a premium personal urban transportation vehicle. It is the perfect solution for travelling within the city and combines the latest technology with stunning design.

The portion of a commute that is often disregarded is the inter-city travel. Whether you live in the city or in a suburb – there’s always some travelling inside the city involved. As urbanization progresses, more and more cities are making life harder on car-owners – some have actually banned cars. While many modern-age solutions exist, the need for a clean, portable and efficient personal-travel vehicle has not been fully met. Yet. This year at CES, Green Ride unveiled INU, a new vehicle that will transform urban transport.

You can see more photos from Green Ride’s CES booth here:

INU is a portable, green, stylish, state-of-the-art personal transportation vehicle. It is the perfect solution for people who need to travel within the city and, unlike similar products, it looks great in the office or your home when it’s not in use eliminating the borders of indoor and outdoor once and for all. As more and more cities limit the movement of cars within their boundaries, more and more urbanites are switching to alternative means of transport – and the INU meets all of their needs.

INU is essentially a brand-new new product category for adults who crave a new means of transport. Not long ago, the home espresso maker enabled people to enjoy luxury while still retaining a good value-for-money standard. Now, Green Ride is doing something similar, since it is designed for people who can understand and appreciate the value of the product they are getting.

In every category, whether it’s home espresso makers, cars, furniture or guitars – there’s one brand that sets the tone for style and quality. For the relatively new category of city-center transport for car-free urban areas, INU is hoping to become the standard.

Built for life and style

You can use the INU as your main means of travel if you live in a city, or as a complimentary vehicle for a train commute. It is lightweight, portable, and folds on command. That’s not a figure of speech – you can actually give it a voice command or a hand gesture or from your smartphone and it’ll fold. How cool does that sound?

Green Ride’s INU is reinventing the personal vehicle category with a product that takes into account practicality, design and lifestyle. It is a contemporary product that is designed with today’s world in mind. Equipped with a phone dock, GPS and even GSM, the INU meets the highest standards of personal tech in vehicles. The INU’s designer has also worked for Italian car-design studio Pininfarina, so it looks just as amazing folded as it does in motion.

In today’s world, ‘Green’ is no longer just a matter of functionality – it is a statement and a standard. Green Ride’s philosophy is that a product cannot be considered truly high-quality if it isn’t eco-friendly and sustainable.

This year at CES, Green Ride unveiled the INU finished product to the public. “We are very excited to unveil our revolutionary product at CES,” said Ori Dadoosh, Green Ride CEO . “Our visitors will be the first to see, touch and ride the very first INU models. I’m sure that they will be impressed.” adds Nadav Attias , VP BD.

Green Ride will begin presale of the INU early 2015 and the first models will be available for purchase in Barcelona in Q2 of the same year.